Logistics Unit

ASLAA’s Logistics Unit has developed a solid reputation within the Kuwaiti logistic community as a capable ‘Can Do’ outfit, no matter what the task is!

In the event of critical deliveries the Logistics Unit has back up vehicles from our own ‘Support Services’ group ready for deployment to execute the task in hand.

These services are available for Long Term Contract Distribution services or for a single haul. We have the capability to analyse your business and recommend the correct solution to meet your needs.

  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Tippers
  • Flat beds
  • Low beds
  • Fuel & Water tankers
  • Car carriers
  • Dump trucks
  • Boom Trucks
  • Curtain side trailer
  • Half Lorry
  • Other earth moving equipment’s


Our business commenced in the perishable Logistic industry, dealing with valuable products with narrow shelf times. From this extensive experience we have developed a unique time sensitive/value driven culture throughout our group. Today we are involved in all types of Logistics

As your ‘One Stop’ Transportation and Logistics’ partner, we have, at your disposal, a Get of new and constantly maintained and serviced vehicles that are ready to help you achieve and maintain a business edge over your competitions. We have vehicles to deliver your products in many diverse categories as briefed herein.

ASLAA Logistics Unit offers a comprehensive and modern land transport solutions through a large and diversified Get of trucks and heavy equipment’s that includes:

We operate 365 days of the year throughout Kuwait transporting a diverse range of products from manufacturing goods to consumer goods. ASLAA Logistics Unit has a vast experience in handling various types of consignment and load combinations, offering a single or multi-drop option to and from any location. The unit handles Customer shipments in a timely and professional manner by providing:

  • Full logistic solutions.
  • Spot updating / information system.
  • Follow up shipments from the origin point up to the final delivery (3/4 PL method).
  • Tracking the orders from placing until closing.
  • Removal, packing, re-packing, crating and wrapping.
  • Loading, off-loading, Stuffing & lashing.
  • Stripping & distributing.
  • Providing Proof of Delivery.

Our Geet is predominantly consisting of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
Our service and maintenance facility has its own fully equipped spare parts stores, enabling a single source servicing solution for our Geet to keep it in maintained and fully operational at all times. With Mercedes Benz’s own on-board computerized Geet management system called “Geet board”, we are able to schedule pre-planned maintenance and replace worn parts immediately from our own stock ensuring down time is kept to the absolute minimum and ensuring that your product will reach its destination in the minimal amount of time.

Main Activities:

Oil Transportation

The Logistics Unit has acquired the experience and knowledge of procedures, to operate safely and professionally at all refineries. With trained operators and supervisors in place 24/7 we manage client loading formalities documentation and onward transport in a timely and professional manner

Liquid Transportation

The Logistics Unit has hands on experience in dealing with valuable products with narrow shelf life. Passenger Transportation The Passenger Sector clients can sit back on sumptuous seats and enjoy their choice of very best in class audio and video entertainment services while their need is catered for by our specially trained drivers

Bulk Transportation

The Dry Bulk Sector can also provide a ‘supply and deliver’ solution including Quarrying, Loading and Transportation

Dry Transportation:

  • Local transport.
  • Overland transport to the neighbouring countries.
  • Heavy lift cargo.
  • Projects cargo.
  • Special trucks / trailers (low bed, heavy trucks,tankers & others).
  • Door to door delivery

Customs Clearance & Documentation:

  • Customs clearance for sea, air & overland shipments.
  • Customs formalities & stamps including Legalization, consular and chamber of commerce attestation
  • Temporary shipments.
  • Duty paid / normal import shipments.
  • Duty exempted shipments.
  • Fairs and exhibitions.
  • Re-export & duty refunded shipments.

Cargo Projects:

  • Professional performance for your requirements.
  • Multi modal transport.
  • Turnkey Projects.