About Company

Provide high quality products and services leading to complete customer satisfaction and long-standing trusted rapport with emphasis on continuous improvement in our activities.

ASLAA General Trading and Contracting Co. was established in the year 2007 and over a decade has turned out to be one of the most reputable and leading Contracting and Trading Companies in Kuwait and in GCC Region.

With its strong Capital Backing and wide clientele base, ASLAA General Trading and Contracting Company has become a major player in the field of General Contracting, High Voltage Contracting, Demolition & Scrap Sales, Logistics, Engineering Product Sales and Corporate Sponsership.

ASLAA has a proven track record of representing prestigious International OEM’s in Kuwait and continues its search to expand its horizon by penetrating into multiple domains in service and contracting sector.

Taking into consideration current Market needs in Kuwait, ASLAA has diversified its portfolio and established itself as a multidiscipline Contracting and Trading Company functioning in all major market segments such as Building and Facility Management, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission.

ASLAA is actively involved around the clock in helping and providing end to end solutions to many projects all over the country. We have won and successfully completed contracts well in time for various multinational and local companies and individuals of global repute.

‘ASLAA Way’ provides a common direction for all employees of ASLAA Group adhering to its principles & values.

We believe employees enhance corporate values & contribution to local & regional societies.

ASLAA's Vision and Mission

Provide high quality products and services leading to complete customer satisfaction and long-standing trusted rapport with emphasis on continuous improvement in our activities.

To establish a strong footprint in GCC as one of the leading Engineering Contracting and Trading Companies.


ASLAA utilizes a flexible management approach to assure that we can use our expertise to shape our organization to meet challenges and needs of local & international business.

Relationships are built on honesty, integrity and trust

People are treated with dignity and respect

Diversity of people and their opinions & feelings are respected

Excellence is achieved through teamwork, creativity and strong work ethics

Our company adheres to customer satisfaction and completion of the task at hand on top-most priority.
ASLAA’s business model is driven by five timeless priorities;

  • Customer Satisfaction in value delivery that drives our people.
  • E-business solutions through our ‘Network Portal’ for secured and non secured business to business communications.
  • Service and area coverage and continued expansion to meet present and future challenges.
  • Profitable growth strategies
  • Efficient human and financial resources

Our Motto and Organization Structure

Our motto is “To Be Partners in Growth”. We are experienced in providing end to end quality services and products. As an ISO & OHSAS certified company, we follow the requirements, specifications, guidelines and characteristics set forth to ensure that we are consistently delivering products and services that exceed world-class standards.

All divisions under ASLAA, invest a huge amount of resources to ensure that it employs only the most advanced construction and engineering methods. All of our team members apply their specialized skills and make significant use of modern technology to guarantee the successful and timely execution of our projects.

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress.


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