Demolition Works & Scrap Sales Unit

With ASLAA’s Demolition Works & Scrap Sales Unit customers enjoy the immediate benefit of ASLAA coming to your site to assess your needs.

Before bidding on your business, we depute and send our team of engineers to make a comprehensive review of what the job entails.

Once a contract is signed, our aim is to move construction debris away from your site quickly, safely and efficiently, using our equipment, and giving you the space and time to proceed with your project.

Construction managers can move ahead with their project, knowing that it is ASLAA ’s standard practice to comply with regulatory requirements, observe safety standards and assume liability for ASLAA workers.

We build accountability into every contract, giving customers confidence and peace of mind.

ASLAA can apply its capabilities to make huge improvements in your scrap and waste management operations in a short span of time.

ASLAA’s professionals will assess current practices, define needs and manage your program of scrap materials, so you can give your full focus to your own core business.

We have substantial scarp and waste management experience with municipal, commercial and industrial sectors.

We also manage the generated scrap from the construction and demolition operations.

ASLAA’s team efficiently helps reduce the hassles you face using the following proven methodology which include:

  • Identify the types of available scrap material.
  • Identify the space allotted by the contractor
  • Identify the safety hazards
  • Identify the working hours
  • Consult with onsite contractor for best operating practices
  • Approve allotted operation time frame
  • Approve weighing method and payment mode
  • Sign contract
  • Obtain proper security clearances
  • Dispatch vehicle, machinery and manpower needed
  • Scrap segregation and sorting as per plan
  • Scrap collection and transportation as per plan

Individual customers and small businesses that deliver scrap material directly to ASLAA Kuwait facility can expect speedy, onsite handling and, when possible, same day service. Upon delivery, material will be sorted and segregated by type, weighed, and assessed for quality in order to establish a fair, market competitive price for your goods.

ASLAA’s robust operations in Kuwait are equipped to buy raw material. Our facility is set for material preparation, plants for processing of plastic and ferrous materials, scrap trading capabilities.

ASLAA provides tailored turnkey scarp and waste management solutions which include:

  • Planning
  • Evaluating
  • Equipment recommendation and purchasing
  • Staff training
  • Sorting
  • Collection of materials
  • And much more…

We accept materials such as:

  • Municipal: Household or domestic refuse and light commercial waste
  • Commercial: Waste generated in offices and retail outlets
  • Industrial: Waste generated from manufacturing plants and energy production
  • Construction and Demolition: Waste generated at construction sites and by building activity

ASLAA is equipped to handle your scrap materials, including end-of-life and second-hand items, for resale or auction.

Turnkey waste management solutions are available for the following sectors:

  • Electronic items
  • Refrigerators and AC Units.
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Ferrous material
  • Nonferrous material
  • Plastics
  • Paper / Cardboard
  • E-Waste
  • Wires / Cables

The Customer has an option to choose to deliver directly to our Kuwait Facility or if door-to-door service is preferred ASLAA recycling division will dispatch vehicles to pick up materials at your location and transport them to our yard for processing.