SMS Marketing

Using our platform, you can quickly send any short and important SMS messages.As customers become harder than ever to reach, SMS marketing is making a comeback. Brands love the 98% open rates, customers and love the convenience.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is sending promotional text messages for marketing purposes.

Businesses use SMS marketing to communicate information about products and services,  share alerts and time-sensitive updates, and build deeper relationships with customers.

SMS marketing may involve sending one message to many contacts or having a one-on-one conversation. SMS has a whopping average open rate of 98%.

Send SMS from Web

Log in and manage your SMS sends from any internet-enabled device.
The advanced features make this the go-to app for businesses wishing to manage multiple accounts.

Create and send your own SMS Attachments
Attach documents, PDFs, JPEGs and so much more as a URL
Manage your SMS credits from a single place.
Use the website to purchase, top-up, transfer your SMS credits.
Easily create and manage your Sender IDs.
Send SMS messages from your company or campaign name.
Reseller System
You can provide a system to those who want to market and resell the service under their own business name with white label option.

Use our SMS API

Send SMSs automatically from your application of choice.

Easily SMS-enable your website, application or customer relationship management platform with our REST API. We offer comprehensive documentation that is easy to access and includes code samples. Our API supports Unicode and long messages, and allows for multiple web hooks to create and customise any workflow. You can also use our API to add an attachment to your SMS.

Easy Integration

Our use of common API practices and our developer documentation (with code samples) makes implementing your SMS integration easy.


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