ibeacon Technology

You Will Never Thought That Knowing Ibeacon Technology Could Be So Beneficial

iBeacon is developed by Apple and that was introduced at the Apple Worldwide Conference. iBeacon allows Bluetooth devices to send and capture information within a short distance.There will be a beacon device and a receiver (Smartphone) that can send contextual text, these are typically called beacons – a class of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices.The technology enables smartphones, tablets, and other devices to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon. The Bluetooth LE protocol is significantly more power efficient than Bluetooth Classic.

iBeacon can also be used with an application as an indoor positioning system, which helps smartphones determine their approximate location or context. With the help of an iBeacon, a smartphone’s software can approximately find its relative location to an iBeacon in a store.iBeacon differs from some other location-based technologies as the broadcasting device (beacon) is only a 1-way transmitter to the receiving smartphone or receiving the device, and a specific app installed on the device to interact with the beacons.

Unlike iOS, Android does not have native iBeacon support. Due to this, to use iBeacon on Android, a developer either has to use an existing library or create code that parses BLE packets to find iBeacon advertisements

An iBeacon broadcast has the ability to approximate when a user has entered, exited, or lingered in the region. Depending on a customer’s proximity to a beacon, they are able to receive different levels of interaction at each of these three ranges.

Bluetooth low energy devices can operate in an advertisement mode to notify nearby devices of their presence. iBeacon is technology creating huge waves in the different vertical in various industries.


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